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Your upholstered furniture starts to look a little bit dull and old? You do your best in maintaining it, but stains occur sometimes and would not come out? It is time for you to call the professionals and leave them do the job for you! We, at Matt`s Carpet Cleaners, are ready to fight any kind of grime and dirt that has accumulated in the paddings in your home or office, and leave you with soft, fresh furnishings to enjoy. Just call us at 020 3868 1345 and become one of our many happy customers!

Opt For a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service in KT13

When it comes to cleaning your upholstery on your own, there are many obstacles that you may face. Did you chose the right cleaning solution? Did you left it long enough or you left it for too long? Will it damage your furniture or leave an unpleasant chemical smell in your property for days? There are many questions that you should think about before starting with the cleaning. Or you can skip all the details and leave it to the professionals! We, at Matt’s Carpet Cleaners, have the needed skills and experience for fighting any kind of bacteria that can be inside of your padded furnishings. Just call us at 020 3868 1345 and join our happy clients list. Many of them already expressed their opinion at our reviews page. They enjoyed the perks that we offered them – and so will you:

  • Budget-friendly pricing list: our prices are reasonable and build with your budget in mind. You will be happy to learn that we will also never ask you for a deposit or charge you with a hidden fee;
  • Discount opportunities: you can choose to match your upholstery cleaning with mattress or carpet cleaning. By doing that, you will pay a lower end price and have a cleaner environment;
  • With your daily agenda in mind: we work every day including the weekends and national holidays. Just pick the most convenient time for you;
  • Team of skilled professionals: our cleaners have lots of experience behind their backs and are perfectly trained for the job. They are also completely vetted and insured;
  • Professional equipment: our hot water extraction machines are Prochem certified and in combination with the excellent training of our team you will get perfect results;
  • We are an eco-friendly company: we are responsible about the environment and your health and this is why all of our detergents and machinery are eco-friendly and safe;
  • Extra protection: we can apply a spray, called NanoProtect for a longer effect of the cleaning procedure. It will create a layer of protection that is liquid resistable on your furnishings. This will slightly increase the end price of our service. Feel free to ask our customer operators about it;
  • Free price estimate: our customers operators are always ready to help you in estimating a price for your personal situation. No booking obliged;
  • 24/7 customer care: you can call us at 020 3868 1345 or send us a request through our website page. We will be happy to help you;

What To Expect From Our Cleaning Services In KT13

Our upholstery cleaning service is based on some simple steps. First, the type of the fabric of your furniture must be determined in order for choosing the right cleaning detergents. The cleaning itself starts with hoovering the whole surface of your furnishings and pretreating the most durable stains.Then, the hot water extraction process will begin – a tiny nozzle will spray hot water together with a cleaning solution throughout the layers of cushioning. This will loosen up the bacteria and dust inside the paddings. Later on, up to 95% of the moisture, together with the grime will be extracted and after few hours of air drying your furniture will be like new.

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