The West Byfleet Upholstery Cleaning – The Solution For Your Furnishings

Thinking about refreshing your upholstered furniture, but not sure how to do it by yourself? It seems time consuming and choosing the right detergent is not really your power?

Do not think twice about calling us at Matt`s Carpet Cleaners! We will do the hard work for you and leave your property bacteria and odour-free. Get ready to feel like you have entirely new furnishings, without the price that you would have to pay for them. We cover the whole area of West Byfleet. Contact us at 020 3868 1345 and we will guide you through the whole booking process. Make the right decision for your home or work environment with our professional upholstery cleaning service!

Why You Should Invest in Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning your mattresses and carpets regularly is an essential necessity for your property’s environment and the same goes for your upholstered furniture. We spend a lot of time in the comfort of our sofa and cushioned chairs and sometimes this act can be accompanied by snacking or drinking hot beverages, which often leads to spillage. If you have children and/or pets in your home, stains are a frequently met accident. You may have mastered the cleaning of the top fabric on your furnishings, but do not forget about the layers of cushioning inside.

The stains soak deep within the soft materials which leads to bacteria growth and dust mites. Deep cleaning is a tough job and it may take you a whole day of researching, trial and error and damaging your belongings is not excluded. That is where our professional upholstery cleaning comes in handy! Our competent people are trained and know how to treat your furniture without harming the materials – whether you are a fan of suede, cotton or leather, or you prefer the synthetic fabrics – they have the skills and knowledge to rid you of the grime. Here are some of the benefits about using our services:

  • We always work with your budget in mind: working with us, you will never be asked for a deposit; we also have no hidden or unexpected fees;
  • Feel price estimates: ask your questions about our pricing list or terms; we will be happy to help you in your personal situation. No booking obliged;
  • Scheduling opportunities with your daily plan in mind: book your upholstery cleaning in the most convenient time for you. We work over the weekends and on designated bank holidays too;
  • Modern methods for an allergen free space: we only use tested methods for removing all the possible bacteria and leave you with renewed furnishing;
  • Team of skilled professionals: our cleaners have passed training and are certified for their job. They are also completely vetted and have insurance;
  • Advanced machinery for a quality insurance: we use hot water extraction machines that are Prochem certified and have proven benefits in the cleaning industry;
  • Safe for you and the environment: we only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and methods. You can rest assured that your family and pets safety is in good hands;
  • Price lowering options: by blending any of our services together – carpet cleaning or mattress cleaning – you will get a lower price and a cleaner property;
  • Future stain prevention: for a slight increment of the end price we can apply a spray, called NanoProtect to your furniture. It creates a flexible layer that repels liquids from staining and absorbing into the fabric. This prolongs the effect of the cleaning for a little longer. We can also deodorise for an odourless space;
  • Around-the-clock customer care: our team of representatives is always online and ready to help you. You can contact us by phone on 020 3868 1345 or send us a request-a-service form in our website;

What Should You Expect From Our Cleaning Process in West Byfleet

After you choose a suitable day and hour for you, we will send our cleaning team to your place. The process begins with inspection of your upholstered furniture which gives the answer about the materials it is made from. Once that question is answered, the cleaners will choose the right type of cleaning solutions and begin with the treatment of the stubborn spots. Next, the hot water extraction technique will loosen up and dissolve all the stucked grime and bacteria inside the paddings. This way bacteria and dust mites will be removed easier later on. Up to 95%of the moisture together with the dirt will be extracted and after a few hours of drying your furnishings will be like new. You can now enjoy your allergen-free environment.

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Book Yourself a Cleaning Service Today

Make an investment in your health today and book a professional upholstery cleaning at 020 3868 1345. We will purify the most used zones of your home for a healthy and safe rest on the couch. Call us now and our representatives will guide you through the booking process and help you with any questions you may have.