Your Upholstery Cleaning Services In Tadworth

Are your favourite furniture pieces starting to look a little bit used and dull? Maybe you have a few spots that mess up the picture and turn your beautiful home or office looking not at its best? If you feel that the time has come for your upholstery to be cleaned, do not hesitate to call us. We will take this time consuming task off your shoulders and refresh your cushioned belongings. Just dial 020 3868 1345 and we will estimate a price according your personal situation for free. Invest in a professional cleaning with us and we promise, the benefits of it will repay you in a long term.

Get The High-Quality Cleaning Service in KT20

Home or office hygiene is an important step in our everyday life, which guarantees us better health and overall mood. Neglecting it can lead to allergies occurring and even virus spreading. Your upholstered furnishings are not an exception – studies have shown that we shed a gram of skin every day and produce up to half a liter of sweat – and usually all of this goes to the clothes we wear and at the places we stay.

Now if we think about it – usually in our homes or office spaces there are other people, in some cases there are also pets and children involved. And if we count all the accidental spillage of drinks, food, shedded hair and other types of contamination, the end result gets really messy. You can avoid some of the grime by cleaning the surface of your furnishings, but the soft fabrics absorb a lot of it which creates the perfect environment for bacteria reproduction.

This is where having a professional deep cleaning of your soft furniture comes in handy. Our upholstery cleaning service will extract all the dirt from your furniture and leave you with refreshed, new looking belongings. Many others from Tadworth already trusted us and were happy by the results – just head over to our reviews page and you will see all the positive testimonials. Here we will share some of the benefits that we provided to our customers and that you will be able to experience too:

  • Reasonable pricing list: our prices are budget-friendly and will not leave you with empty purse. We also do not charge with unexpected taxes or ask for deposit;
  • Price estimates for free: we provide free price quotes. All you have to do is contact us at 020 3868 1345 and we will be happy to help you;
  • Discount opportunities: you will be able to take advantage of our service blending options. Maybe you also need carpet or mattress cleaning? Make the best combination for you and you will get a lower end price.
  • Convenient scheduling options for you: we work over the weekend and on designated bank holidays too, just choose the day and time that fit your daily plan;
  • Experienced cleaners: our team of certified professionals will exceed your expectations. All of your people are also completely vetted and have property insurance;
  • Excellent equipment: all of our hot water machines are Prochem certified and capable of fighting any dirt and bacteria;
  • Eco-friendly methods: we keep in mind yours and your family and pets health. This is why we work only with environment friendly materials and techniques;
  • Longer effect of the procedure: we can apply NanoProtect to your upholstered furniture. This special spray creates a flexible upper layer that repels liquids and stains from retaining. Contact our customer representatives about that procedure;
  • Day-and-night customer care: our representatives are ready at any time to answer all your inquiries and assist you in the booking process;

The Steps For Achieving Clean Upholstery

Our upholstery cleaners will arrive at your address at the time that you chose. They will start the cleaning procedure with examination of your furniture which will determine the type of fabric that it is made from. When this is done, the right type of detergents will be chosen – whether you have suede, wool or any other type of fabric – they will have the needed cleaning solution. First the most stubborn stains and high traffic areas will be treated; this step will loosen up the fibre and remove all the dirt particles. Then, the hot water extraction process will begin: a tiny nozzle will spray hot water and mixed together with a cleaning agent into the layers of padding. This dissolves all the bacteria and grime inside; every treated area will then be simultaneously vacuumed. This high pressure method will leave your belongings up to 95% dry and after a few hours of air drying you will have fresh-as-new furnishing. All that is left to be done is to enjoy the freshness of your home or office.

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