We Send Professionals for Upholstery Cleaning in Chessington

Are you tired of all those stains on your sofa? Do you want to see your furniture presentable again? What if we tell you that none of this is a challenge for us – Matt’s Carpet Cleaners? We will be the provider you need for a comprehensive upholstery cleaning in Chessington. We will be the company that sends the best technicians for the job. You will get rid of task that requires a lot of efforts and dedication. Instead of investing long and burdensome hours of cleaning, you will be able to spend those hours as you wish, while being sure that the end result will match your expectations. Actually, your expectations will be exceeded. So don’t postpone it any longer – give us a call at 020 3868 1345 and place your order!

What Makes Our Furniture Cleaning in Chessington the Right Choice

Will you replace your furniture because it looks old and worn-out? Or you will renew its freshness by handing us over this task? For a few hours of work done by professionals sent by a contractor, you will be rewarded with a whole new level of hygiene. We will remove the grime that’s been accumulating in your furniture. It is a complex process for most people and yet we will do it in a quick and efficient manner. In the end, you will feel happy and grateful, just like the many customers who left their testimonials on our special reviews page. They were all delighted by the option to get opportunities like the following:

  • Price rates, which are competitive and permanent: we will never ask for hidden fees and you will never be asked for a deposit, too. So you will be enjoying a great value for your money;
  • Comfortable scheduling options: you can book for our service to be done during weekdays and weekends too. Also, we are active even during bank holidays;
  • Team of experienced cleaners: we will send you the right specialists for this job. They are seasoned professionals, with years of practice behind their backs. They also have insurance;
  • You will have a guarantee for the efficiency of our service: we use the most efficient machinery for the process. The method we use is called hot water extraction – the most efficient deep cleaning technique;
  • We are an eco-friendly contractor: we use detergents which are not harmful to you, your children and pets. We do care for the environment and your health;
  • You can save funds by booking more than one service: blend any of the other services we have – mattress cleaning and carpet cleaning – and take advantage of the lower end price;
  • Additional coating and deodorisers: for a slight increment of the end price, you can ask for a protection with a layer of Scotchgard. As an additional feature, you can request a deodorising of your furnishings;
  • Free price estimates: you are not obliged to book for asking inquiries. So feel free to ask questions regarding our prices, terms and conditions, and the special offers we have;
  • 24/7 customer care: we have a team of operators who are ready to answer your inquiries and help you out with the booking;

How Our Sofa, Cushion & Armchair Cleaners Do Their Work

All of the team members we send know in-depth the art of extracting bad elements from different furniture pieces. They will check the padding of your couches, armchairs, and cushions. Then they will begin by hoovering the surface and pretreatment of the stains. Next comes the hot water extraction, which is done with the help of a special machine. Basically, the process requires a mixture of hot water and detergents. Once the mixture dampens the fabric, the machine will extract up to 95% of all the moisture, which means full removal of the dirt particles stuck inside. Once it’s over, you can wait for a few hours before the piece is dry and ready for use.

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Book Today – Have a Cleaner Environment

It is time for a full-scale sofa cleaning – reach your phone and dial 020 3868 1345! You will be in touch with the operators in our customer care facility. They will be happy to answer all your inquiries concerning the services we offer. As an online booking option, you can use our request-a-service form!