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The hygiene level of every home or office is of crucial importance for the well-being of all its inhabitants. We often dust off and hoover our furniture, but what about the layers of cushioning in the upholstered ones? Even if the surface stains are removed, the materials absorb deep inside its layers; with time this leads to bacteria accumulation, dust mites and in many cases – allergies. You can easily avoid all of those steps by having professional deep cleaning of your cushioned furnishings once or twice per year and we would be happy to help you with that. All that’s left to be done is to dial 020 3868 1345 and we will give you all the details you need for booking your upholstery cleaning.

Here Is Why You Will Enjoy Our Upholstery Cleaning Services in KT21

When it comes to our living environment, cleaning of upholstered furniture plays an important role in our overall health. Bacteria and dust are normal for any home or office and regular dusting and cleaning can solve this problem in the beginning, when your furniture is still new. But when you are a happy owner of your belongings for longer, you will start to notice more and more stains and worn out patches in the used areas. Those places are not just unpleasant for the eye but also contain bacteria, which can lead to dust mites and allergies with time.

You can fight the grime and in the same time prolong the life of your upholstery by trusting our professional cleaners. There are numerous benefits for your health and environment that you will get from having a deep cleansing of your cushioning – less allergens, refreshed furnishings and no more odours! Our Ashtead clients were amazed by the results – you can read their positive testimonials at our reviews page. And here are some of their favourite benefits that we gave them:

  • Affordable prices: our taxes are reasonable and will not make your jaw drop. We will also never ask you for a deposit or a hidden fee;
  • Free price quotes: just call us at our listed phones and we will estimate a price for you for free. No booking obliged;
  • Lowering the end price: by blending our services together you will get a lower end price from us. Maybe you need a mattress or carpet cleaning? Get a cleaner home and a lower price at once;
  • Booking opportunities: schedule your cleaning in the most convenient moment for you. We work over the weekend and on designated bank holidays too;
  • Professional maintenance: our certified cleaners have the needed experience for executing their duties. All of them have a property insurance and are completely vetted;
  • Modern technology: our equipment is ready to fight any possible grime that may be accumulated inside your padded belongings. All of our hot water machines are Prochem certified;
  • Safe for the environment: our methods and cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and health approved;
  • Prolonging the results: for a slight increment of the end price we can apply an extra protection, called nanoProtect. This will create a flexible layer that prevents liquids and stains from absorbing into the upholstery;
  • 24/7 customer care: our customer care centre is ready for your calls or messages;

Our Sofa Cleaning Procedure Follows Some Easy Steps

When our cleaners arrive at your address they will start with inspection of your upholsteries top fabric – this will answer the question what is it made of. After that the right cleaning solutions will be chosen. First the most stubborn stains will be pretreated and the whole surface will be hoovered for loosing up the fibres of the material. Then the hot water extraction process will begin – a mix of hot water and cleaning solution will be sprayed into the layers of padding. This will dissolve all the possible bacteria and dirt which will then be vacuumed together with the water, leaving you with up to 95% cleaned and refreshed furniture. After a few hours of air drying you can enjoy your new-looking odour-free belongings.

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