Prices For Our Cleaning Services in KT Postcodes

Work with a cleaning company in London that won’t dissapoint you. Here is a list of our prices for professional cleaning services. You can easily get a special offer if you book more than one service at the same time. Call 020 3868 1345 now and get your free quote and any information regarding our services.

Special Offers and Deals

  • 20% off for carpet cleaning from Monday to Thursday
  • 15% off for booking 3 or more services with us
  • 10% off for booking 2 services with us
  • 10% off if you refer us to a friend
  • 10% discount for carpet cleaning from Friday to Sunday
Carpet Cleaning
Single bedroom (8ft x 10ft)£19.00
Double bedroom (12ft x 12ft )£24.00
Living room (12ft x 18ft )£28.00
Trough Lounge (24ft x 12ft)£45.00
Stairs£1.80 per step
Small Rug (up to 5 sq ft)£10.00
Large Rug (above 5 sq ft)£15.00
One bedroom Flat£75.00
Two Bedroom Flat£95.00
Three Bedroom Flat£107.00
Four Bedroom FlatCall for a free quote!
One Bedroom House£91.00
Two Bedroom House£107.00
Three Bedroom House£124.00
Four Bedroom HouseCall for a free quote!
Minimum charge for carpet cleaning£45.00
Upholstery Cleaning
Two Settee Sofa£34.00
Three Settee Sofa£40.00
Two Settee Sofa + Armchair£50.00
Three Settee Sofa + Armchair£56.00
Three + Two Settee Sofa + Armchair£88.00
Three Settee Sofa + Two Settee Sofa£70.00
Foot Stool£6.00
Office Chair£6.00
Mattress Cleaning
Single Mattress£15.00
Double Mattress£25.00
King Size Mattress£30.00
  • Matt’s Carpet Cleaners reserves the right to change prices without notice if the client has misrepresented any information.
  • Parking fee and/or congestion charge may apply.
  • Prices are valid for properties within the city limits (i.e.  surrounded by M25) .