Top-of-the-Line Mattress Cleaning in West Byfleet

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With our clients’ satisfaction as our top priority, our company aims to provide all of your bed cleaning needs:

  • We provide our own equipment and materials and take care of transporting them to your home or office;
  • We have experienced and trained bed cleaners;
  • We can take care of moving your furniture and upholstery around prior to cleaning your mattress;
  • We take care of the entire cleaning process from start to finish;
  • We make sure not to damage your floor and furniture;
  • We can provide advice on how to better care for your beds;
  • We are able to provide same-day servicing upon request;
  • We can also provide an Air Mover System for an additional fee
  • We provide excellent customer service

Clean Beds Mean No Risk of Allergies

  • If you have experienced waking up in the middle of the night because of an asthma attack or have experienced skin itch while in bed, it’s time to have your mattresses cleaned. After all, clean beds mean no risk of allergies.
  • We may not see them and our beds may look spotless, but dust mites, mould, and other allergens live in our beds. These microorganisms trigger asthma attacks, skin itch, eczema, and allergies.
  • If your beds have food, wine, or make-up stains, these will need to be removed as soon as possible for hygiene purposes.
  • It is advisable to have our beds cleaned thoroughly every six months. We spend 6-8 hours in bed, after all, so it is important to keep this sanitised regularly. Understandably, a lot of people find the task too tedious. Non-experts may even end up damaging their beds due to using the wrong cleaning agents or process.

Our Highly Effective Bed Cleaning Process

  • To make sure we don’t damage your furniture and other upholstery in the process, we will move them around for you. We will also put a mat under our machine to avoid leaving a mess.
  • Our team of experts start by inspecting your bed for stains and hoovering to remove solid dirt. If there are stains or dirt spots, these will be pretreated before we start washing the mattress.
  • We use Prochem, a detergent that effectively removes stains and cleans beds. This brand of detergent is not harmful to the environment.
  • After treating the stains, we start applying hot water extraction techniques to thoroughly clean your bed. We spray hot water mixed with detergent under pressure through a tiny nozzle while vacuuming 95% of the moisture. This removes the dirt and dust mites.
  • Your mattress is allowed to air dry for approximately 2 hours. We can also use our Air Mover System upon request for a minimal additional fee.
  • Your bed must completely dry out because moisture and detergent residue may damage its fabric.
  • Some clients prefer to have their beds deodorised, and we can also do that upon request for a small addition to the price.

Getting to Know Our Staff

Equally as important as checking the process and equipment is getting to know the people manning these. Everyone wants to hire competent and trusted people to do the job. Our team of cleaners are well experienced and friendly. They have been thoroughly trained to deal with this task. Prochem has also certified them on proper detergent usage.

They wear their uniforms when they go to your house. They have also gone through police checks and proper orientation for your peace of mind.

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Getting Our Service

You may call us at 020 3868 1345 anytime and schedule your mattress cleaning any day. We can provide same-day servicing upon request.

Matt’s Carpet Cleaners has been an established name and a leader in the cleaning industry in West Byfleet. We aim to continue providing the same level of excellent bed cleaning services that we have been known for. Call us today and experience impressive mattress cleaning.