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Are you on the lookout for a professional help against the grime inside your mattress? Do you need a contractor for impeccable mattress cleaning who can send you perfectly trained people for the job? Look no further – the services provided by Matt’s Carpet Cleaning include the ones you’ve been searching for. Soon you will rid yourself of the stains and the odour. You will be happy to have your good night sleep returned. Furthermore, you will manage to remove another task from your daily agenda. And you don’t need to do anything special during the visitation. Just leave the whole matter to our specialists and enjoy your free time. Your one and only effort for the job is to give us a call at 020 3868 1345, so act now!

What Are the Reasons to Choose Our bed Cleaning Service in New Malden

This is one of the London boroughs where we are active. You can rely on us for prompt arrival no matter what whereabouts you have in the district. Soon you will be one of the many customers who have left the testimonials you can see on our special reviews page. They are rightfully happy with the help we offer – the hygiene of your mattress will grant you a safer, cleaner sleep. But what makes us more desirable than any other provider of services like these? It is our set of unique selling propositions. You can easily see what benefits await you by checking that excerpt:

  • Competitive, reasonable price rates: the value you’re going to get for the money we demand is totally worth it. And you will never pay a hidden price or be asked for a deposit as a condition;
  • Comfortable scheduling options: you can book for our service to be performed during weekdays and weekends too. Also, we are active even during bank holidays;
  • We send only professionals with experience behind their backs: all the employees that form part of our team are highly trained, fully vetted and comprehensively insured against property damage;
  • You will have a guarantee for the efficiency of our service: we use the most advanced machinery for the process. The method we apply is called water extraction – a highly efficient deep cleaning technique;
  • We give discounts when you book furniture cleaning with the services we offer: you can easily combine this service with carpet cleaning and/or upholstery cleaning. The more you book, the better discount you’ll get;
  • Eco-friendly policy: we use detergents which are not harmful to you, your children, your pets or the plants that are close to the cleaning procedure;
  • Free price estimates: you are not obliged to book for asking inquiries. So feel free to ask questions regarding our prices, terms and conditions, and the special offers we have;
  • 24/7 customer care: feel free to call us or email us whenever you wish. Our customer representatives will answer your queries and guide you through the booking;
  • You can request additional protection: we use Scotchgard coating as an extra measure against the grime. In addition, you can ask for deodorising of your furniture;

Learn More About How Our Mattress Cleaners Proceed

Our experts of bed cleaning know every detail of the cleaning process. They will start with the checking of your bed. As soon as they determine the level of cleanliness and the type of fabric, they will have all the necessary conditions to move along. They will hoover the surface and treat the stains. Next, they will use the functions of our hot water extraction machine – it begins with the spraying of mixture inside the fabric and its absorption. During the process, even the deeply stuck dirt particles will be set free. Finally, you will need to wait for a couple of hours before you can use your mattress.

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Discover the effect of our top-notch service today! Just give us a call at 020 3868 1345 and get in touch with us! Our customer representatives will be happy to answer your questions. You can also contact us through the online request-a-service form – just input the required information and the rest is in our hands.