Getting Top-Class Mattress Cleaning Services In Leatherhead from Matt’s Carpet Cleaners

If you are in need of mattress cleaning services in Leatherhead, dial 020 3868 1345 any time of the day and book your appointment. We will be happy to provide you with the stellar bed sanitation services that we have been known for.

Matt’s Carpet Cleaners has been a popular name in the bed cleaning service industry for years, providing fast and reliable services to clients, and allowing same-day booking and servicing for the following requests:

  • Mattress cleaning
  • Dust mite removal

We hire nothing but the most qualified applicants for the job. We make sure they go through police checks and we provide them with identification cards and uniforms. We understand that some clients may feel apprehensive about letting strangers in. Our company assures honesty and integrity at work from our trustworthy crew.

After we carefully screen our applicants, we train our employees and certify them for the cleaning methods we use. They are also certified by Prochem professionals for using the said detergent. These trainings help ensure our clients of quality output from our adept cleaners.

Why Is It Important To Clean Your Beds Regularly?

Regular mattress cleaning is crucial for its upkeep. If you see spots, dirt, or stain, call us right away, so we can remove them for you.

Cleaning your beds is also good for health and hygiene. Your mattresses are home to a plethora of microorganisms, among them are dust mites. They cause allergies, skin itch, and eczema. They are also among the top asthma triggers.

Aside from dust mite problems, unclean beds are also home to fungi and mildew. That is why it is very important to clean your beds at least every six months. The best way to clean your mattresses and keep them allergen-free is to call for professional help.

What Are the Benefits in Hiring Professional Cleaners?

While cleaning beds may be something anyone can do, the task itself is very tedious, and it takes expertise to do it properly. Thorough mattress cleaning also requires the right equipment. When you hire our cleaners, you won’t have to worry about such concerns. We will take care of everything for you:

  • We will inspect your mattress and provide expert advise on the things needed;
  • We will provide our own cleaning equipment and materials;
  • We will take care of transporting our equipment and tools to your home;
  • We will move your furniture around, ensuring no damage is done during the move nor the cleaning process;
  • We use our choice of environment-friendly yet effective detergent;
  • We can use fast-drying technology upon request;
  • We will provide a free repeat if you are not satisfied with our output;
  • We are always ready and available to work for you, 24/7;

How Effective Are Our Cleaning Methods?

  • We start off by carefully inspecting your mattress for stains and dirt before we start cleaning it. We use stain pre-treatment to remove stubborn dirt and stains. We then use hot water extraction methods that deep cleans your bed. We use the right amount of detergent with anti-bacterial properties for our hot water extraction process.
  • Hot water extraction is preferred by more people because it is hot enough to deeply clean and rinse your mattress, but it is not too hot to damage its fibres.
  • With the use of a tiny nozzle, we spray hot water under high pressure on the treated spot while simultaneously vacuuming this, flushing the treated area clean. Aside from getting rid of bacteria, this causes dust mite removal and eliminates other allergy-causing microbes.
  • After all areas have been cleaned, your bed is set to dry. This stage is critical because a bed that is not dry enough causes mould growth. We use our Air Mover System upon our clients’ request. This helps mattresses dry out thrice faster than average.
  • We use the same cleansing methods for all bed sizes – king size, queen size, double mattress, or single beds. Our processes effectively clean both synthetic or natural mattress fibers.

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Our Customer Promise

This is a customer-focused company, and our clients’ satisfaction is paramount. If they are not satisfied, we definately make up for it.

We understand how important it is to have clean beds; a clean bed means no risk of allergies. We want you to be able to rest easy, knowing that your mattresses have been thoroughly cleaned by experts. So give us a call at 020 3868 1345 now!