We Offer You High-Quality Mattress Cleaning in Esher

Do you want your night sleep to be tight once more? Do you want to be sure that the bed you’re spending a good part of your rest is in pristine condition? Only a deep mattress cleaning service can guarantee you that. Here you have one unique opportunity in Esher – to let the professionals sent by Matt’s Carpet Cleaners do it for you. That’s right, we are the company you need when you realise that professional cleaners would do better than you. And who doesn’t need a helping hand when time is of the essence? So take advantage of this opportunity to save time and efforts. Have your mattress cleaned and impeccable. You only need to give us a call at 020 3868 1345.

Why You Need the Help of Our Mattress Cleaners

The full cleaning of a bed seems like a trivial job, at first sight. However, a well-trained bed cleaner knows what lurks inside a mattress after years of use. Dust mites, bed bugs, and itches – all these annoyances can be neutralised if you’re taking care of your bed’s hygiene. And yet, the only way to be sure about the comprehensive removal of the grime from its inside is to book our service. You will be sharing the positive feelings of all those customers who have sent us their reviews. You will be happy with the many benefits that come with our service. Here are some of our most important selling points. We provide you with:

  • Cost-effective service, with competitive price rates: we will never ask for hidden taxes and you will never be obliged to leave a deposit. You will be happy to get great value for your money;
  • Scheduling that is flexible: you will have the freedom to book for every day of the week. It means that even on holidays, we will be available. Furthermore, the price will stay the same;
  • We send trained cleaning specialists: our team consists of cleaning experts who have passed through comprehensive training and complete background checking. All our team members have insurance;
  • We use top-notch cleaning machinery: our main procedure is the hot water extraction. It is a quick and efficient technique, suitable for all types of bed fabric;
  • Eco-friendly policy: we care for the environment and we definitely aim at matching your demands. That’s why we follow the principles of green cleaning. It makes our work safe for you, your children, pets and indoor plants;
  • Additional protection and odour removal: for a small increment of the price, you can request a protective layer of Scotchgard and/or a deodorising spray;
  • You can combine our services and pay less: we also provide carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Blend them with the current service and get an attractive discount. The more you order, the less you will pay;
  • Free price quotations: we don’t oblige our clients to book when they have questions. You are free to ask us whatever you wish if it’s service-specific. You will get the answer immediately;
  • 24/7 customer care facility: you will have all the information you need. Our representatives will tell you everything you need to know, since our phone line is always active;

Learn More about the Routine of Our Bed Cleaning Service

We will be those who will rid you of everything that makes your mattress uncomfortable. The professionals we send will put into effect a formula we have been using for many years. We send our specialists supplied with all the necessary tools and machinery. They will quickly observe your bed padding and the stains you probably have on it. After hoovering the surface and treating the stains, they will use the hot water extraction machine. It will be a full-scale extraction of the dirt particles. The device will add a mixture inside the fabric and then extract the moisture together with the grime. After only a couple of hours, your bed will be dry and ready for use.

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