Providing Excellent Mattress Cleaning in Ashtead

Are you in need of mattress cleaning service? Call 020 3868 1345 now and our professional cleaners will thoroughly remove those stubborn bed dirt and stains for you. You can rely on us 24/7.

We provide quality cleaning services for homes and offices all over London. We value our clients’ trust and commit to providing nothing less than exemplary top-to-bottom cleaning. We provide comprehensive bed cleaning services, including spot and stain removal, as well as dust mite removal, to ensure our clients get their good night sleep. You can trust us to provide you with all of your bed cleaning needs.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Professional Mattress Cleaners?

It is beneficial to have beds cleaned every 6 months for hygiene purposes. It also helps extend their life and prevents dust mite problems. No dust mites, fungi, and mildew, no risk of allergies. Uncleansed mattresses contain allergens that usually cause people to have skin conditions like skin asthma, eczema, and allergies.
Hiring experts in the field leaves no room for doubt, as they are highly skilled and well-trained to perform the task dutifully and diligently. Our goal is to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied. We hire qualified people to do the job. They go through interviews and undergo training to be able to provide top-class work. These cleaners are trustworthy and professional. They have been police checked and are fully certified. They also wear uniforms and IDs.

When you hire our cleaners, you are paying for convenience and reliability, as well as experience. Here is how we take good care of our customers’ needs:

  • We will take care of bringing our equipment to your home or office. Our customers do not need to prepare these themselves;
  • We will move furniture around, should there be a need for such;
  • Our key experts will inspect and advise you on what needs to be done;
  • We will do all the work for you and can clean mattresses of any size: single, queen-size, king-sized beds;
  • We clean beds made of either synthetic or natural materials;

Learn More About Our Brand of Mattress Cleaning Services

To assure our clients of clean and allergen-free beds, Matt’s Carpet Cleaners uses stain pre-treatment processes and deep cleaning methods with hot water extraction techniques that leave your mattress spotless and dry afterwards. Our professionals use certified detergents and equipment ideal for coffee stains, fruit stains, make-up stains, red wine, and others. Aside from removing dirt, the detergent we use also kills deep-seeded bacteria. These Prochem cleaning products are safe for the environment, too.

We use a tiny nozzle to spray hot water under high pressure into the mattress while the treated spot is simultaneously vacuumed, extracting 95% of the moisture, removing fungus and dust mites in the process, giving you a clean and stain-free bed. You don’t have to worry about bed bugs, dust mites, dirt, and stains anymore.

We understand that some of our clients want things done faster. This is why we also offer our Air Mover System upon request, to reduce the dry-out time. Mattresses dry three times faster this way.

Why Hire Us?

Our company is a fully insured bed cleaning provider. We offer a wide range of professional cleaning services. Our servcies are your one-stop shop for all your professional cleaning needs in Ashtead. These are among the services that we offer:

Contact Us Today

We can provide same day service. Just contact us through 020 3868 1345 or e-mail, book your appointment and we will be on our way. In order to prepare the best materials and equipment for the job, we will be asking for details, such as information about the material, size, fabric.

Please do note, though, that we do not cover parking fees. We also offer free viewing upon request. We also pride ourselves on the stellar customer support that we provide. Experience top caliber cleaning services from our bed cleaners today!