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Mattress cleaning is simply a chore you can’t just postpone because of dust mites and allergens. Not only does this disrupt you from a good night’s sleep but it can also aggravate certain allergies. This is where our company comes to the rescue! Here at Matt’s Carpet Cleaners, our top notch service is your best solution to your mattress cleaning needs.

From dust mite removal to bed cleaning, our diverse and highly effective services will give you the assurance that your mattress will be spic and span – just like brand new. Our highly trained and knowledgeable crew of professional cleaners are equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning tools. They will give you a complete mattress cleaning session. To get the good night’s sleep that you deserve, call us at 020 3868 1345 and tell us how we can solve your mattress cleaning problems.

What benefits will we get when hiring Matt’s Carpet Cleaners?

Taking care of all your mattress cleaning needs are what we are here for. Our impeccably designed services cover not just the basic “wash and clean” methods, but also includes important cleaning measures such as the removal of grime and bacteria from hard to reach places through hot water extraction and the removal of tough stains through advanced stain removal techniques. With these services, not only does your mattress feel clean and brand new, it will also be allergen-free which means you will have no risk of allergies again. You also get to enjoy these unique benefits when you book us for your mattress cleaning needs such as:

Cost Effective Services

Availing the best bed cleaning services does not always come with an expensive price tag. Get the best value for your money when you hire us. Our world-class services comes with a practical price providing you with budget-friendly choice for your needs. What’s more is that there are no hidden fees and deposits for you to pay.

24/7 Customer Support

Our team of efficient customer support representatives will be more than happy to provide you with the answers no matter what time and day it is. This will give you the suitability of booking our services at your utmost convenience whether through the phone or through online. Do you have any holiday bookings? No problem. Our services are available all-year-round giving you the handiness of booking it even while you are on a holiday break.

Fully Insured Services

One of the best benefits that you can have when you entrust us with your mattress cleaning problems is that all our services are insured. Not only do you get to enjoy our impeccable mattress cleaning services, you also receive our “seal of guarantee” giving you the confidence that your mattresses are in the professional and more than capable hands of our highly trained crew of mattress cleaners.

Eco-friendly Products

Using strong chemical cleaners have detrimental effects on both the people and the environment. This is why here at Matt’s Carpet Cleaners we only use eco-friendly cleaning products in all our services. Our aim is not only to provide you the best services but also to do our part in keeping Mother Earth safe for the future generations to enjoy. This is also to ensure that you, your family and treasured pets, even your furnishings will be safe from the effects of harmful chemicals.

What Else Can You Get from Your Mattress Cleaning Services?

Our wholesome mattress cleaning service also comes with additional features that you can avail. You can take advantage of our cutting-edge stain upholstery fabric protection for your mattresses. With this, you can easily wipe out spilled substances thereby prolonging the good look for your mattresses before you can schedule them for their cleaning. And for that perfect finish to our bed cleaning service, you can also opt for our high-quality deodoriser. This antimicrobial deodorant comes with a fresh aroma that can last for weeks.

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