Your Carpet Cleaning Professionals in Tadworth KT20

Are your carpets starting to look a bit dull and old? The dirt is getting harder and harder to remove and the everyday use of your rug is not helping? And on top of that, you do not really have the free time to do a thorough cleaning of your carpets? Do not bother anymore and leave the tough job to the professionals. Just call us at 020 3868 1345 and book your carpet cleaning: our experienced cleaners will amaze you with the end results!

Why To Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Maintaining a clean carpet can be a challenging task, especially if you have a big household, including children and pets. Spots sometimes occur daily and the high traffic areas like your hallway or kitchen do not stay clean for a very long period. Everyday usage often leads to fast out-wear and you may need to change your carpeting in a few years. This can be an expensive procedure, but why wait for that to happen, when you can maintain the quality of your mats with professional carpet cleaning for a much lower price! There are numerous benefits of trusting in a cleaning company for your belongings AND your health! Eliminate the dirt in your home with all the possible allergens that may live inside your carpets. Many others from the Tadworth area already trusted us – just head over to our reviews page and see for yourself what they said about our services. Here are some of the perks that we would like to offer you:

  • Pricing list that fits your budget: you will be booking a high-quality service on a budget-friendly price. Moreover, we will never ask you for a deposit or charge you with a hidden fee;
  • Even better pricing opportunities: you can blend any of our services together and get even a lower end price. Maybe your mattress or upholstered furniture also need some cleansing?;
  • Comfortable scheduling slots: we work every day for your convenience. You can also books us on official holidays and on the weekend;
  • Experienced cleaners: our professional team is certified, trained and experienced in fighting any type of grime. They are also vetted and have insurance;
  • Advanced technology: we use Prochem certified machinery. Our hot water extraction machines and our methods always give the best possible results;
  • Environment friendly: our company works with your health in mind. You can be assured that we use the safest methods and detergents for your and your family and pets` safety;
  • Extra protection: we can prolong the effect of our service by applying a spray, called NanoProtect to your furniture. This will create an extra layer of protection that repels liquids and stains. Ask our customer care representatives about it;
  • Free price estimates: our customer care representatives are ready to assist you in your personal situation and estimate a price for you. You can ask for this at 020 3868 1345. No booking obliged;
  • 24/7 customer care: we are always ready to answer your questions and help you with the booking process. Contact us at 020 3868 1345;

How Our Professionals Are Returning The Shine To Your Carpets

The carpet cleaning procedure begins with inspection of your carpets’ fabric. This is important step for determining the material of your rug and choosing the right detergents for it. Once that is done, our cleaners will hoover the whole surface of your carpet and pretreat the high-traffic zones and the stubborn stains. This will help loosen up the material fibres and get them ready for a thorough cleanse. The deep cleaning starts with spraying hot water, mixed with a cleaning solution into the carpet. The high pressure and the hot water combined will kill any possible bacteria or dust mites. All the dirt will then be extracted and you will be left with almost completely dry carpet. After a few hours of additional air drying, you will have freshly cleaned rugs, ready to be used again. Our cleaner will leave you a pair of overshoes to walk with until this is done.

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Invest in your home or office environment with our carpet cleaning services! Just dial 020 3868 1345 or send us a message through our webpage – we will be happy to answer all your questions and guide you through our booking process.